Business Acquisitions and Sales

Before you examine the possibilities it pays to do some self assessment. It is best to know not only if your business idea is sound but if it is the right step for you - it is a good idea to ask yourself some tough questions. Be honest about your own skills, knowledge and situation. if you really feel that the risk and work required is too much (your intuition will tell you) then deciding to stop is just as good as deciding to go ahead - will you be starting from scratch or buying an existing business. 

We can assist in this process under either approach, obviously starting from scratch will usually involve a detailed Business Plan where we can provide expertise here or offer a comprehensive due diligence process in buying an existing business. 

Conversely selling your business that you have operated for many years can be an all too conquering experience, whether you sell the business in its entirety or as part of succession planning. 

We are experienced in this process and can provide you with financial analysis to provide your business with a reasonable valuation for sale purposes that identifies the three (3) typical components when you sell a business - 

  1. Goodwill 

  2. Plant & Equipment and 

  3. Trading Stock 

Business valuations can be very subjective but we have a number of methods available to at least provide you with a range for what we believe your business is worth - at the end of the day what a business will sell for is what a willing buyer is prepared to pay for it and prevailing market conditions will dictate that to a large extent. 

Whether you want to list your business with an agent for national exposure or locally we have you catered for there.

Generous small business Capital Gains Tax concessions exist. Contact our office for more details.